Friday, August 24, 2007

UNIT 406 Identify and evaluate health and safety hazards


Anonymous said...

This unit requires you essentially to undertake workplace inspections. However you will need to ensure that your inspections meet the following requirements:

You must identify both health hazards and safety hazards and your findings on the report should state whether it is one or the other or both.

You should have at least fifteen findings on your inspection report (you may need to submit more than one report to achieve this).

Your findings should incorporate the following areas (max 3 from each):
chemical, physical, psycho-social, ergonomic, mechanical, electrical, fire and explosion, transport.

You will need to demonstrate the use of measuring equipment, such as taking lighting levels.

Your findings should also be prioritised.

Anonymous said...

I am halfway through writing a statement abouit part 6. The situation I am referring to is about beginning a new major recycling plant within a construction company depot. Obviously this is a large project which requires alot of planning and assessment. As I write this statement I notice it is going to be a large example which could actually cover (In my View) Almost every unit in the booklet, from establishing new communicationlinks to developming h&s emerhency response systems!! My question is can I use this one example to cover all of these topics or is it better to write a seperate statement about different examples relating to each unit?

Anonymous said...

use teh example to cover the whole topics,

You will be ok if you have evidence to meet all teh criteria points

Dont reinvent the wheel

Nigel Roberson

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nigel for the feedback....can you elaborate on "Don't reinvent the wheel" for me?! Cheers

Anonymous said...


Dont do everything twice

Stick to the same storyboard for the three units.

You can do the risk assessment units all together no problem. Your assesor will tell you that

Any probs post again.... Cheers